Your first challenge? Choosing a room.


The Carnival Room

2-8 Players

Come one, come all! Are you ready for the most unique carnival of your life? The Carnival Room will put your groups teamwork and communication skills to the test! Step right up and join us in our fun house for great music, classic carnival games, and loads of fun!

Difficulty: 5 / 10


Cold Case 146

2-6 Players

You are a team of private investigators, hired by the Hall family to look into the disappearance of their daughter, who went missing over three years ago. Your team has been hired to investigate the primary suspect, Dr. Simon Jenkins. Can you discover what he is hiding and bring some closure to the Hall family?

Difficulty: 6 / 10

Notice: Players must be 14 years or older to participate.


The Egyptian Tomb

2-8 Players

As a group of archeologists, you and your friends are in a race against time to excavate the Tomb. Every time something is opened, mercury levels will rise. Can you unlock the secrets and uncover the hidden treasures within?

Difficulty: 7 / 10


The Mafia Bar

2-6 Players

As a member of the local PD, you've received a tip about some illegal activity inside the local speakeasy. After keeping a close eye on the bar for weeks, you notice it's only left vacant for a short period of time each day. Your mission: sneak into the bar, find the hit list, map out their next locations and escape before mob boss returns!

Difficulty: 8 / 10